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5 January 2014
5 January 2014, Comments 0

Welcome to my first blog post – Challenge Coins

I’m typing this post to test if I’ve got this blogging operation figured out.

This new COINFORCE.com website all about challenge coins is nearly completed :)

I built the current/first one using HotMetal Pro over 11 years ago. I first bought Hotmetal Pro in 1995 while I was on flying status in the Air Force and have used it for the past 19 years building over 1,000 web pages. The software company stopped updates over 13 years ago.

This new website is built using WordPress. I learned working in WordPress by watching the videos at Lynda.com.

So far, so good :)

OK, I’m about to publish and see if I can read it online.

Keeping my fingers crossed…

– Sarge

Making Premium Military-Grade Challenge Coins since 2003 — that’s a long time!

We make Custom Challenge Coins for… EVERYONE!

P.S. I should make a plug for COINFORCE.com — I hope you will honor us by allowing us to make your custom challenge coins 🙂

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